A catalog or two (cats and splats)

Lorcan 1 min read

While on the Evergreen site, I had a look at the developer version of their catalog.

A demo of Evergreen’s online catalog is located at A bleeding edge online catalog, with all of the latest, greatest features we’re working on, is located at (note the development site may be unstable). A downloadable demo staff client will be posted soon. [ | Library software by librarians for librarians.]

There is an interesting high-level family resemblance between their work here, the much-lauded NCSU catalog, and some of our own work on new interfaces. After an initial search, they use the data in the records to support faceted browse, pivoting on subject, author and series, gathered in a left-hand side column. They allow limiting by library and format. They provide a ‘shelf browse’ feature. Interestingly, they do not appear to rank by number of holdings, in this version anyway.
Dave Pattern also sent me a note about some of his recent work on the Huddersfield catalog. You might put these down as ‘texturization’. I like the book cover ones. I am still puzzling about the word splat 😉
Incidentally, another open-ils blog post discusses their ‘platform’ (in a web 2.0 sort of way) design approach which is also interesting in light of more general discussions.
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