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I have slowed down on the blogging front and am now going to take a break for a while to focus on some other commitments.
I will return later in the year. In the interim, I will switch off distribution of the digest.
You can see me on Twitter …..

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Reflections .. on my last day at OCLC

Reflections .. on my last day at OCLC

Today is my last day at OCLC. After 21 years. I have been very lucky to have worked with some great people, to have influenced important work, and to have worked with librarians around the world. Here are some brief reflections as I prepare for the next chapter.
Lorcan 8 min read
Working with Ghost: a review

Working with Ghost: a review

This site is built with Ghost and the Krabi template. I use it for blogging and as a professional home on the web. Why Ghost? Here are some initial thoughts. Ask me again in a year's time ...
Lorcan 17 min read

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