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There is a report on ECDL 2004 by Jonas Holmstr�m in the current D-lib Magazine.

Lorcan Dempsey from OCLC (Online Library Computer Center) spoke [ppt] about the rapidly changing library landscape and introduced some interesting new terminology. One of the most apparent changes libraries face is the change in expectations created by Google and Amazon–or ‘Why can’t the OPAC work as Google/Amazon?’ This change in expectations was labelled the ‘Amazoogle’ effect. Dempsey also argued for the need for a theory or big picture without which libraries are vulnerable to–among other things–‘Marchitecture’ and ‘Techeology’. As Dempsey defined it, Marchitecture denotes an architecture produced by a vendor for marketing purposes, and techeology is a mixture of technology and ideology. Dempsey made some very good points outlining common biases he feels are hampering the advancement of digital libraries. [Report on the 8th European Conference on Digital Libraries (ECDL 2004): 12 – 16 September 2004, Bath, United Kingdom]

I can claim credit for Amazoogle and techeology, but not alas marchitecture.


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