Using intentional data becomes routine

Lorcan 1 min read

I notice that IMDB has had a facelift. We use it a lot to see what folks think of movies – before renting or borrowing DVDs. We have a rule – rarely enforced πŸ˜‰ – that we only watch movies with a score of 7 or over.
A part of the overhaul is the introduction of recommendations – “if you enjoyed this title, our database also recommends’. It is not clear to me upon what data the recommendations depend …
I tried it with a few titles to see what the results were like. Worth having, I thought, although it is a little hidden on the end of the page.
I wonder have we now arrived at a stage where people expect this type of additional hint?
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Update: Davey Pattern picks up this note and observes some other features including a keyword in cloud feature (see London). His note to this blog did prompt an interesting thought: good recommendations are good; other recommendations are sometimes interesting, and probably better than nothing. As part of the rich texture of suggestion we are becoming accustomed to.

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