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Mark Leggott has an interesting post on how they plan to construct and populate their institutional repository.

With a minimum of training our hope is that the presentation of a 90% complete IR record will encourage faculty to complete the process. Some future enhancements will include parsing the Sherpa-Romeo record to automatically grab the publisher version where appropriate and implement disseminators to convert word-processing formats. We will be providing the RIB as an example in our packaged open source Drupal/Fedora module, which will be available at the end of September from SourceForge. [LoomWare: RIB – Repository in a Box]

They plan to create an up front record of publications by harvesting from existing databases and faculty CVs. They plan to link to the institutional OpenURL resolver and to the Sherpa-Romeo repository of publisher policies.
The intention is to present the faculty member with a set of data that he or she can augment or amend, rather than will an empty slate.

The individual can click the “Get-It @ UPEI” button to retrieve the final version, if desired, read the publisher open access policy (including a link to the full policy) and add the appropriate version of the pre-post-final print. [LoomWare: RIB – Repository in a Box]


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