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Jeremy Smith at Case reviews some university-managed blog hosting services.

I spent some time this evening hunting around for other Universities that offer blog hosting services. I just wanted to check out the other digs and see how Blog@Case, in its current form, stacks up. Obviously, I can’t log on to these other systems and really check them out; but who cares about accuracy, I’m going to rank them anyways. So, here are my reviews using a scale of 1 to 5. [Jeremy Smith’s blog: Checking Out Other University’s Blog Hosting Services]

I have mentioned the library hosted blogs at Minnesota a couple of times before: they score a 4, coming in second behind Warwick in this particular ranking! Other university host sites discussed belong to Harvard, Dartmouth, Stanford, and MIT.
In the comments there is a link to a brief piece at incsub referencing some more host sites.
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