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Lorcan 1 min read

I have just got the latest issue of one of my favorite publications, the London Review of Books, which has an article by one of my favorite critics, Frank Kermode, on one of my favorite writers, Jane Austen.
I paused over the following sentence and admired how he kept it going right to the end 😉

There is a question that is bound to exercise in different ways readers who rejoice that the critical fortunes of Jane Austen show no signs of failing, and those who wonder how it can be that these tales of idle ladies and gentlemen, their interests fixed on money, their language elegantly out of date, should not only be the adored subject of an enthusiastic cult, but can elicit the acclaim of scholars who count her among the greatest novelists in the language. [Too good and too silly – behind pay wall]

With spaces, this is approximately 465 characters. This single sentence would require four tweets to communicate 😉

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