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Educause Review publishes its latest top ten IT issues list:

The elevation of Security and Identity Management to the number-one spot among the top-ten IT issues caps a steady four-year rise. Whether it retains this ranking will depend on its perceived importance relative to Funding IT and Administrative/ERP/Information Systems, which have dominated the top-two positions in the last six years. A related challenge that the Current Issues Committee has wrestled with in the past two years is whether Security and Identity Management should be split into two distinct issues. The EDUCAUSE Identity Management Services Program (, launched in 2005, is just one measure of the complexity and attention that this aspect of the issue has engendered. [EDUCAUSE REVIEW | May/June 2006, Volume 41, Number 3]

It is interesting to note most of these issues identified are general across other types of enterprise also: ERP, disaster recovery/business continuity, the introduction of web services, identity management, and funding and leadership issues. Interesting also is the fact that enterprise portals have dropped off the list. The authors (Barbara I. Dewey and Peter B. DeBlois) offer two suggestions: the portal may be wrapped up in a wider ERP application, and in many institutions deployment is mature enough no longer to be an issue at this level.


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