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I don’t normally pay too close attention to the detail of my blog logs, concentrating on general trends. However, given that it is a time of year for retrospection, I have just spent a little time looking at actual December traffic and was interested to see the following list of posts, most read first. I have italicized posts actually made in December itself.

  1. Discover, locate, … vertical and horizontal integration
  2. The user interface that isn’t
  3. A handful of presentations
  4. The integrated library system that isn’t
  5. Metasearch: a boundary case
  6. Service models
  7. Stitching services into user environments – intrastructure
  8. Metasearch, google and the rest
  9. In the flow
  10. Circulating intentional data
  11. On demand book search
  12. Just how simple?
  13. Flickr value
  14. All that is solid melts into flows ….
  15. Library logistics (again)
  16. Making data work harder
  17. Cool search
  18. The network and the library
  19. Recombinance all the way up … remixing all the way down

Not quite sure what to make of this ….
One thing to note is the persistent traffic on some longer posts, presumably as they are linked/noted in various places, which is nice to see.
It does make me wonder about entry titles. Maybe more descriptive titles are in order in some cases? Or maybe I should be picking titles that refer more explicitly to “topics du jour”. (I was interested to read recently the comments of Nicholas Carr and Paul Kedrosky on the influence of potential memeorandum inclusion on blogger topic choice.) Would Systems in the network world have made the list if it had been called Web 2.0: systems in the network world. Mind you, it appeared before Web 2.0 took off as a label. Should I go back and change a few titles 😉
Given what is on the list, I also wonder at some posts that did not make it. New model library system vendors, for example, or From metasearch to distributed information environments, or Services for intermediate consumers, each of which I like as much or better than some that do make it to the list.
Well, back to other things ….

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