The Times we live in: a Friday evening posting

Lorcan 1 min read

I wanted to look up something in the (London) Times and typed in www.times.com, only to discover that the (New York) Times has that URL. Now, unlike my children, I still occasionally type in a URL rather than going straight to the search box in the corner, and, ancient that I am, I sometimes even try to guess the form of a URL.
So, I tried www.londontimes.com and, hey, this brought me closer.
Here, I landed on the page for News International, the ‘main UK subsidiary of News Corporation’. It lists various publications.
The venerable Times Literary Supplement is there, apparently the ‘leading paper in the world for literary culture’. In its sober darkness it sits between two splashes of red. Above, are The Sun and the News of the World in all their red-top brashness. Below, is the not entirely safe for work Page3.com.
I am not sure what this says about anything …..

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