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From an article in Sunday’s NYT:

A FEW brush strokes have come to define the otherwise obscure 18th-century composer later known as Il Divino Boemo, or the Divine Bohemian: Josef Myslivecek. [Josef Myslivecek – Music – New York Times]

The article discusses Myslivecek’s influence on Mozart and his decline in popularity.
One of the very nice things about Worldcat Identities and Fictionfinder is how they can sometimes reveal trends and insights from the published record. Thom has been talking about this recently in relation to Identities (see here and here for example).
I was interested to see what Identities tells us about Myslivecek. His publication timeline is shown above. Yes – he sank into obscurity but there has been a revival of interest in recent yeras. And yes, Mozart is listed in the related names. His timeline has rather a different profile!


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