The NYT and the rich texture of suggestion


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t.gifThe New York Times discusses its redesigned web presence:

We also wanted to give our readers a greater voice and sprinkle a little more serendipity around the site by providing prominent links to a list of most e-mailed and blogged articles, most searched for information and popular movies. A new tab at the top of the page takes you directly to all our most popular features. [Redesign – – Leonard M. Apcar – New York Times]

Serendipity: using data about what users chose to do on the site to give hints about what might be of interest. This type of data is an increasingly valuable way of improving the user experience through suggestion. They have also added so-called Topic Pages and a MyTimes feature.
I like the redesign – this is a rich website with a variety of navigation options.
Incidentally, Dave Pattern reports on the usage of some of his catalog enhancements which offer suggestions to users based on data and behaviors.
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