The network level

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Jeremy Frumkin of Oregon State University talks to Merrilee Proffitt about library services and moving to the network level in the second Parcast [file is here]. This is in response to the question “what keeps you awake at night?”.
What is a Parcast?

Welcome to the OCLC Programs and Research PARcast page. Here you’ll find links to our podcasts—the latest recorded interviews with industry thought leaders and up-and-comers—as well as recorded webinars, or online presentations, from Programs and Research staff. [PARcasts [OCLC – Programs and Research]]

Mark Dimunation of the Library of Congress spoke to Merrilee in the first Parcast. His topic:

Special collections need to keep collecting and building collections of real things, but also need to be smart and be part of the digital conversation. How do libraries create a digital environment where researchers can derive the evidence they need to do their work? [PARcasts [OCLC – Programs and Research]]

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