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From an interview with Billy Bragg, the Bard of Barking, in the current issue of Mojo:

Vinyl, CD, or MP3? Vinyl. In a hundred years time, vinyl will be the only medium that has survived. CDs will fade, like old pictures that have gone a bit orange, and MP3s, well you can just accidentally wipe ’em any time.

I know. Another quote from a music magazine for the middle-aged. I bought this issue for the story about Portishead. We lived in Bristol for many years and enjoyed the occasional trip to the sea at Portishead, the town whose name they took (also the home of a lido). This was during a remarkable period for Bristol music, with Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead, and others contributing to the Bristol Sound:

The Bristol sound was the name given to a number of bands from Bristol, England, in the 1990s. These bands spawned the musical genre trip-hop, though many of the bands shunned this name when other British and international bands imitated the style and preferred not to distinguish it from hip-hop. [Bristol underground scene – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]

Mind you, for us living in Bristol, the early to mid-nineties was the era of the cassette, which is not even mentioned by Bragg.
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