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ZDNet on the Schwartz phenomenon. The COO and President of Sun is using his blog to go straight to a wider audience with strong views.:

In the bigger picture, as a regular blogger, Schwartz is using the Web technology as a direct channel to customers, prospects, stockholders, partners, and employees. Except for his blog’s inability to accept comments, Schwartz’s regular entries portray him as a deep thinker and a fiesty competitor that’s down to earth enough to pull up a backwards-facing chair for a braindump with anyone. Whether you agree with what he has to say or not, the approach is refreshing considering that no other tech exec in that circle (Gates, Ballmer, Barrett, Ruiz, Palmisano, Fiorina, etc) is putting the same time into such “open” communications. Full page ads in the Wall Street Journal? Who needs ’em? Can Schwartz blog Sun to success? We’ll see. [Between the Lines >> Sun’s Schwartz takes the “open” horse for a ride – ZDNet.com]

The immediate occasion for this posting is an interesting post by Schwartz on what it means to be ‘open’.

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