Stanford and iTunes

Lorcan 1 min read

An interesting announcement from Stanford and Apple about making Stanford materials available on iTunes:

Stanford on iTunes will provide alumni–as well as the general public–with a new and versatile way of staying connected to the university through downloads of faculty lectures, campus events, performances, book readings, music recorded by Stanford students and even podcasts of Stanford football games. At launch, the service will contain close to 400 distinct audio programs, and the university will continue to add new content as it becomes available. [Stanford provides access to university content through iTunes]

I was interested in this because it echoed something I asked in my presentation at Access 2005. What would it mean to deliver a library service if you could only use commonly used web-based services (Flickr, Technorati, Google, …) and tools (RSS, blogs, Wikis, Firefox extensions, …).

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Presentation: The RLUK Digital Shift Forum

Presentation: The RLUK Digital Shift Forum

I was pleased to inaugurate the RLUK Digital Shift Forum, with a presentation on Pandemic effects and collection directions. I was especially pleased to be kindly introduced by my longstanding colleague Robin Green, University Librarian at Warwick University, and current chair of RLUK.
Lorcan 2 min read

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