Presentations: Collection directions, pandemic effects, Belgium, Italy

I presented updated versions of a presentation on libraries and pandemic effects and some implications for library collections recently. Each was delivered remotely, one to an event in Ostende, Belgium, and one to Milan, Italy, as unfortunately we have not yet returned to professional travel.
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Presentations: Collection directions, pandemic effects, Belgium, Italy

Rethinking professional assembly

A clear pandemic effect will be a rethinking of professional assembly. When does it make sense to think about a face to face event? When and how do you do hybrid events? And how many events will go to online only? Of course, it is not just a choice of mode. Our sense of how to present online is different than it might be in person. It is likely we will see more polls or other ways of interaction, more ways of breaking up events into effective chunks, and new kinds of experience influenced by gaming and other approaches. It will be important to think about social interaction in this context. Of course, face to face events will also change, to emphasise those elements where they deliver special value.

Here are some pointers about delivering effective online events from my colleagues:

Virtual is Here to Stay: Making Online Sessions Fun and Focused
Learn strategies to plan, design and host live online meetings or presentations that will energize, inform, and encourage your audience.

Informatie aan Zee and Bibliostar

I was disappointed recently not to be able to travel to Ostende to present at Informatie aan Zee 2021, the conference of VVBAD the professional association for the information sectors in Flanders.

I delivered this presentation online talking about how the pandemic is influencing library orientation and strategies, and then focusing on collections. I presented a modified version of the material a while before at the Bibliostar conference in Milan, again regretting that I could not attend.

This presentation is pretty much delivered as it might have been live, but I did miss the audience, the questions, the interaction.

Presentation, video, interview

Here is the presentation:

Collection Directions
This is a presentation presented at Informatie aan Zee in Belgium and in modified form at Bibliostar in Italy. It discusses some Pandemic Effects and how various collections trends are being affected.

Here is the video that was shown to Informatie aan Zie:

I was pleased to do an interview with Paul Buschmann for the VVBAD publication Meta: Tijdschrift voor bibliotheek & archief, 2021 (7) p.22-23.

Collection directions and pandemic effects
Interview: Collection directions and pandemic effects

Related to the Bibliostar event, there was a translation of a recent blog entry on similar topics in the publication associated with the event. (A copy is also available here.)

La biblioteca piattaforma della conoscenza - AA. VV. - Ebook Editrice Bibliografica
Compra Ebook La biblioteca piattaforma della conoscenza di AA. VV. edito da Editrice Bibliografica nella collana Il cantiere biblioteca.
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