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Walt Crawford explains in the current Cites and Insights [pdf] how Lorcan Dempsey and Walt Crawford have been linked by Do a search on either of our names and you are asked do you want the other. Perhaps it is because our names co-occur on a variety of bibliographies and other lists. Nevertheless, it is odd.
I have just been looking briefly at the beta version of the new MSN Search. Getting back results from that first search on my own name was a surprise. The last few years have accustomed me to a Google view of Lorcan Dempsey. And looking at Yahoo is quite similar. However, the default MSN search returned rather a different selection. Seeing a different shake of your life’s web kaleidoscope was striking. I say default because you can change the ranking, adjusting for exactness of match, ‘linked-to-ness’ and recentness of update.
No Walt Crawford in any of the first few pages I looked at though 😉


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