Scoping collective collections

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Over the next few years libraries will devote more attention to systemwide optimization of collections – within consortia, regions or countries. We have been using the phrase ‘collective collection’ to evoke the more focused attention to coordinated development, management and disclosure of collections this suggests. The current interest in the long tail, off-site storage, mass digitization and utilization of space highlight some issues, as does preservation of the print and emerging digital legacy.
In this context, one of our major strands of activity in current years has been looking at data about the collective collection to learn more about how collections relate to each other, how they are used, and what their salient characteristics are. In this post I present a list of publications on these topics. We are currently doing more work in this area, pulling together circulation data from several sources, doing further analyses of Worldcat, and other work. Work in progress is often reported through presentations. We are always interested in hearing about more about interesting questions where we might be able to help.

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