Recombinant potential displayed

Lorcan 1 min read

A short video has been produced as part of the JISC X4L program to show interoperability in action. I like to think of interoperability as recombinant potential and this video shows this very well. It looks at assembling a learning object from other objects in a learning object repository and moving it between different systems environments for unpacking and use. Interestingly, it shows objects in the JORUM repository organized by the Dewey Decimal Classification system. Well worth a look. I am not sure that very much material is currently being created with this ease, but it shows some preferred directions. The demonstration in the video is based on actual working tools.

This video has been produced to demonstrate the important role of interoperability and standards when creating and sharing learning materials. Using tools developed as part of the X4L Programme, the demonstration involves the transportation of content via the RELOAD content packaging tool, the creation of learning objects in a digital repository and how these can be reused to enhance a teacher’s learning material, through to delivering the finished object to the institutional VLE. [X4L – Exchange for Learning – Video]

(A VLE is a Virtual Learning Environment, also known as a learning or course management system.)

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