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The NYT describes James Patterson’s work practice …

… an author who so towers over the best-seller lists that a couple of years ago he estimated that he earned royalties on one out of every 15 hardcover books published in this country. In fact, Mr. Patterson now publishes so many best sellers, in so many different genres, that he can’t possibly write them all. So he farms many of his books out to a factory, or an atelier, if you like: a team of co-authors who work from Patterson-supplied outlines and stick closely to the no-frills Patterson formula: short chapters, short paragraphs, short sentences, short words. [NYT – Peter de Jonge]

Here is James Patterson’s Worldcat Identity which shows climbing interest, and here is a mention in Thom’s nice post about the UK Public Lending Right which showed Patterson as the most borrowed author in UK public libraries (read the last para ;-).


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