QOTD: reading is community work

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The University of Bristol has an interesting offer: A BA in English Literature and Community Engagement. I wonder if any of the students work with or through libraries.

The Department of English offers a part-time BA (Hons) in English Literature and Community Engagement. This is an undergraduate degree, taught entirely in evenings (normally one night per week) over six years. It is aimed primarily at mature students from the local area who, for whatever reason, need or wish to study part-time. …

… The degree is the first in this country to combine literary study and community work throughout the programme. Each student will have the opportunity to study a full range of literature in English and also to run a reading group in the community (or at their workplace) as part of their studies. [Bristol University – Department of English – BA (Hons) English Literature and Community Engagement]

Peripherally related update: while looking to see if there was any reference to the above initiative on the Bristol public libraries’ website I came across the Books on prescription scheme. This is an interesting form of community engagement by the library.

In much the same way that your GP can prescribe medication for you to pick up at the chemist, health workers can now prescribe a range of self-help books which can be collected from libraries across Bristol. …

… The books which are part of the scheme have been chosen by a range of specialist health professionals, counsellors and academics. Some of the books contain exercises, self-assessments and treatment programmes for you to work through as you read them. These are designed to raise your self-awareness and then suggest courses of action to help, often simple behavioural or thought strategies. [Bristol City Council: Books and reading: Books on prescription]

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