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Off-topic, but as it is nearly Friday. Here is Frank Kermode reviewing A.E.Housman’s letters in the LRB. I wonder how Wittgenstein felt about this exclusion?

The life of a bachelor fellow of Trinity could hardly be described as arduous; the company was distinguished, the wine excellent, the menus subject to his approval and the professorial teaching load fairly light. The days could be given to Manilius, the evenings to extensive reading or to such avocations as research into Latin obscenities. He had a private lavatory and, declaring himself to be a philosophical hedonist, refused on principle to allow his less fortunate neighbour, Wittgenstein, to use it. Vacations were filled with luxurious journeys. [LRB | Frank Kermode : Nothing for Ever and Ever]

Worldcat Identities: Manilius, Frank Kermode, A.E.Housman, Wittgenstein. Interesting to see the surge in interest in Wittgenstein.


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