QOTD: All the news that is fit to print ....

Lorcan 1 min read

All the news that is fit to print is not enough any more …. From the Yahoo! developer network blog.

Lately there’s been quite a few changes in “old school” media, with radio stations and TV channels starting developer programs. The newest wave seems to be newspapers embracing the new media to a fuller extend with the Guardian in the UK ramping up their development program and going out to speak about their learnings from redesigning their portal at developer conferences.

One piece of news that shook the blogosphere is that the New York Times is planning to give access to their wealth of information via APIs in the sooner future. I managed to get hold of Marc Frons, CTO of the The York Times Digital Operations to get some more details. [A few more details on the upcoming New York Times API (Yahoo! Developer Network blog)]

And one response from the interview:

MF: Our editors will still decide what to cover and how to present it on our pages. That is, after all, a big reason people come to — to see what the editors of the New York Times think is important. But we’re also interested in giving our readers alternative views and having them share their activities on our site. We’ll be releasing some new features around sharing news and information very soon. [A few more details on the upcoming New York Times API (Yahoo! Developer Network blog)]

I confess that although I regularly read the Guardian online, I rarely look at the reader contributed materials.

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