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I have just come across PenguinDating “where book lovers meet”, a partnership between Penguin and

You can go on singles nights in libraries and there’s even a hybrid speed-dating book club in a pub. Here at Penguin Books we’ve teamed up with to create You can be intrigued, perplexed, turned off or turned-on by our singles’ reading habits. Now we don’t want to get too snobby here, because one woman’s Vampire Encyclopaedia is another’s love at first bite. A young buck reading a history of Goldman Sachs might be exactly what you’re after even though you’re busy stockpiling Marian for a week in the Balearics. Sometimes it’s enough to provoke curiosity when a person’s reading taste jars with your mental image of what they should be reading. That guy who looks like he’s just clocked-off from a building site, surely he can’t be clutching the collected works of Jane Austen? [Find Singles Online Dating with]

Lots of potential for libraries here ….


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