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From BuzzMachine:

Yesterday, Alan Rusbridger, editor-in-chief of the Guardian, told the staff of his newspaper that now “all journalists work for the digital platform” and that they should regard “its demands as preeminent.” [BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » ‘The web is preeminent’]

Folks will notice that I occasionally quote from the Guardian here. This is for a couple of reasons, but first among them is that it has really done more than most papers to move fully into a web environment. This is through a variety of mechanisms.
The ‘digital platform’ is ‘preeminent’. The Guardian will be a “24 hour, web-first newspaper”. However there are other platforms, including paper.
A parallel is sometimes made between libraries and newspapers in terms of some of the pressures involved in operating in a network environment. I have not seen many statements like this is a library environment though. In this context I was interested to read a paper by David W Lewis, Dean of Libraries at IUPUI, arguing that we should “complete the migration from print to electronic collections” and “retire legacy print collections”.
BuzzMachine reference via John Naughton.
David W Lewis reference via ACRLog.

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