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Couple of interesting things about this announcement from ingenta and Oxford University Press. They are taking 700 books online, with plans to add a further 200 per year.
Equations are marked up in MathML, and the search service is built on top of Lucene.

Ingenta�s team of developers and designers, in Providence, Rhode Island and Oxford, developed the functionality and interface design to operate OSO. The �2million ($3.5m), five-year project integrates the original 700 books and an extra 200 titles a year, with other online resources. This is via active reference links within footnotes and bibliographies, including millions of journal articles. This enables the user to cross-reference information generated by a single search. [UKSG SerialseNews: Serials-eNews]

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Presentation: The RLUK Digital Shift Forum

Presentation: The RLUK Digital Shift Forum

I was pleased to inaugurate the RLUK Digital Shift Forum, with a presentation on Pandemic effects and collection directions. I was especially pleased to be kindly introduced by my longstanding colleague Robin Green, University Librarian at Warwick University, and current chair of RLUK.
Lorcan 2 min read

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