SPARC Open Access Newsletter


It is difficult to keep track of the ‘open access’ discussion. An important source is the SPARC Open Access Newsletter, now edited by Peter Suber. The current issue contains an overview of 2003 developments.

  • Open access in 2003
  • The many-copy problem and the many-copy solution
  • What’s the ullage of your library?
  • Coming up later this month
  • Best of the blog: new developments
  • Best of the blog: new bibliography
  • Correction
  • No comment
  • Housekeeping
  • Credits

[Suber, SPARC Open Access Newsletter, 1/2/04]

For those wondering about ullage:

What percentage of the journals or articles needed by the faculty at your university are unavailable except by interlibrary loan or private emails to lucky colleagues elsewhere? Let’s call this the “ullage” of the library, after the word for the empty space at the top of a wine bottle. The ullage of a library is the gap between what is directly available and what is needed.




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