Reeling and writhing - again


I write slowly. In that regard I have found doing the blog quite liberating. I find that I can write much more quickly here because it almost has a throwaway quality.
However, this has meant that I have not ‘published’ as much over the past year or two as I have at other times during my career. Will I regret this in coming years? I do not know. I do know that what I write here is much more widely read than stuff I would write in more formal channels.
That said, I find that old habits are creeping in. I have several posts on the boil whose length is creeping up, and as that happens they get harder to write because one begins to think about flow and structure and headings and things. I have mentioned that I have been preparing something on the catalog and cataloging. I have also got an entry on the Long Tail and libraries that has been on the go for many months now. I may have to turn it into an article and start again 😉
And while I am on the topic of writing … Several people have commented on Jerry Campbell’s piece in Educause Review about the future of the academic library. I was surprised to come across a couple of suggestions that Educause Review was something that librarians might not normally read because it was outside the library literature. As if one only read the library literature? I assume that many academic librarians do in fact read Educause Review with profit and pleasure. It did prompt a question in my mind though: if a senior figure in the library community wants to make a serious intervention about the state of the library nation, hoping that it will reach a large number of their reflective colleagues, where would they place it? It is not clear to me what venue would serve that need. I think that it would need to be on the web and offer timely publication.



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