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Walt does a nice job describing Michael Sauer’s Blogging and RSS: a librarians guide (here and here). I too was pleased to receive a copy over the holiday period. I should not have been so formal in my interview responses 😉
As I say in the book, I tend to cycle through blogs. I will follow something closely and then not for a while. So talking about ‘favorites’ is a little misleading. Here are the ones that seem to be on the top of the list at the moment. Of course, I read my colleagues’ blogs all the time and do not list them here ….
General IT
Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog
Contrarian views.
Software as services
Discussion about on demand solutions.
Niall Kennedy’s Weblog
RSS flavor; general technology commentary.
Hitwise intelligence
Guardian unlimited technology blog
Useful gathering.
Libraries and related
Industrious linking.
Wide interests; inevitably interesting.
Planet Code4Lib
This is cheating I suppose. A useful aggregation from the Dan Chudnov Media Empire.
A librarian’s guide to etiquette
Worth the occasional look for a smile
Although this is the ACRL blog it has very individual voice. Interesting to see the recent overhaul and the addition of links to C&RL abstracts. Again, how unfortunate it is that C&RL is unavailable on the web (see here and here).
Quædam cuiusdam
Posts all too rare.




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