Knots on MEL


Peter Suber will be familiar to people as the Open Access advocate. He is a philosopher. He also has an interest in knot tying.
I am going to Lansing for a meeting with the Michigan Library Consortium later today, and I am doing some preparation. I was looking at their catalog of Internet resources on MEL and serendipitously I straightaway fell on:

My major sections are on Knot Tying, Knot Theory, and Knot Art. But knot lovers will understand that these distinctions are artificial. For example, a good practical knot is both a nugget of hard-won technology and a thing of beauty. Decorative knotting can be useful, and in any case requires uncommon dexterity and practical tying ability. Software developed to help mathematical knot theorists has produced some of the most beautiful knot images ever seen. So look at all three sections even if you think your interests are narrow. You might become happily entangled. [Knots on the Web (Peter Suber)]



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