Government URIs: a write to reply


Tony Hirst alerted me to an interesting document on the structure of URIs in UK government websites. There were two things of immediate interest.
The first was the emphasis a Government agency was putting on information architecture in a web environment. Other documents will follow. This is from the introduction:

8. URI sets will be an integral component of a UK Public Sector Information Architecture that supports many goals including the release of government data, reduced duplication, and increased information sharing towards transforming government services.

9. URI sets can be published by the UK public sector to provide comprehensive and reliable identifiers for ‘Things’ such as schools, roads, legislation, locations, projects, events and so on. Where the quality of these sets can be described consistently, other data owners will have the confidence to re-use them in their own data, leading to a web of data that can be linked, queried, and aggregated.

10. The existing UK public sector standards for metadata and ‘findability’ work well when applied to documents, but are not sufficient to support a ‘Web of Data’, where each individual statement can be queried and linked.

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The second was that they were making it available through the Write to Reply service provided by Tony and Joss Winn. This provides paragraph level publishing, citing and commenting facilities. The purpose is to provide a venue for public review of documents. The site uses CommentPress.




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