Blake's seven


I have noticed that any self-respecting blog has to have the occasional science fiction reference. So here is an off-topic post for Friday.
A remake of Blake’s Seven is being discussed.

LONDON — Hoping to cash in on the success of classic sci-fi revamps such as the BBC’s “Doctor Who” and “Battlestar Galactica,” Sky One is planning to remake cult ’80s space series “Blake’s Seven.” …

… Memorable for its cardboard sets and leather-clad arch villainess Servalan, the show was the creation of sci-fi legend Terry Nation, himself responsible for Doctor Who’s arch-nemesis the Daleks.[Sky One to revive ‘Blake’s Seven’]

Here is Wikipedia on the original:

Although many of the tropes of space opera such as spaceships, robots, galactic empires and aliens are present, the series is primarily noted for its strong character interaction, ambiguous morality and its dark, pessimistic tone.[3]

[Blake’s 7 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]

I preferred Blake’s 7 to Doctor Who, perhaps because it came along when I was older, or maybe because it lasted for a much shorter time.
Avon was a pretty memorable character. And you could never forget that eye-patch!




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