Amplifying the meaning of the amplified conference

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I have found the phrase ‘amplified conference’ useful as a way of talking about the surrounding communications techniques which accompany many recent conferences. These allow conference content to be communicated more widely, conversations about the conference to take place, and even the conference to reflexively adapt based on network input.
Brian Kelly has a nice post where he discusses what this means in practice. He offers a definition …

The term amplified conference describes a conference or similar event in which the talks and discussions at the conference are ‘amplified’ through use of networked technologies in order to extend the reach of the conference deliberations.

The term is not a prescriptive one, but rather describes a pattern of behaviors which initially took place at IT and Web-oriented conferences once WiFi networks started to become available at conference venues and delegates started to bring with them networked devices such as laptops and, more recently, PDAs and mobile phones. [Defining An “Amplified Conference” « UK Web Focus]

…. and he then goes on to describe various ways in which this is achieved.
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