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British student phone service dot mobile is providing a service which compresses classics into a text message idiom to help with revision. Here is the summary of Pride and Prejudice:

5SistrsWntngHsbnds.NwMenIn Twn-Bingly&Darcy Fit&Loadd. BigSisJaneFals4B,2ndSisLizH8s DCozHesProud.SlimySoljrWikam SysDHsShadyPast.TrnsOutHes ActulyARlyNysGuy&RlyFancysLiz.SheDecydsSheLyksHim.Evry1GtsMaryd. [Guardian Unlimited Books | News | If you don’t want to know how Bleak House ends, look away now]

For those that are struggling, there is a ‘translation’ in the article.


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