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Lorcan 1 min read

Having noted the iPod killer app below (well maybe not ;-), and looked at the video, I keep coming across iPods. I notice the heavy concentration of iPod models and accessories in the current Amazon electronics top wishlist. The NYT notes a new iPod loading ‘industry’, where services are emerging to convert your music collection to the iPod. and Google, offline through neighborhood fliers and word of mouth.[The New York Times > Job Market > Birth of an Industry: IPod Loading]

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Presentation: The RLUK Digital Shift Forum

Presentation: The RLUK Digital Shift Forum

I was pleased to inaugurate the RLUK Digital Shift Forum, with a presentation on Pandemic effects and collection directions. I was especially pleased to be kindly introduced by my longstanding colleague Robin Green, University Librarian at Warwick University, and current chair of RLUK.
Lorcan 2 min read

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