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I was looking at the metadata framework proposed by Karen Coyle, Diane Hillman, Jonathan Rochkind and Paul Weiss and was interested to see that the categories they use mapped pretty well onto the categories I have sometimes used when talking about library and related metadata and interoperability.

Go forward to slide 29 or click here.
So, we have:
Model=information model
Schema=element set
Guidance=content values
where the first column is from the Coyle et al framework, and the second from my .ppt above.
I had some offline conversation with Karen and in response to a query I noted that I had a version of the picture above in the presentation I loaded into Slideshare some months ago as an experiment. Prompted by the exchange I loaded a couple more presentations yesterday. I was interested to see how the service had moved on since I last looked at it. There are quite a few more presentations loaded, and they show you related presentations based on matches. The service has been up and down in the last twenty four hours or so: I don’t know if that if a current issue, or on ongoing issue. I still think it is a nice idea: it is useful to be able to make presentations available and URL addressable at the page level. That said, I thought I might see more folks use it in this way. Much as Flickr is used to acquire and share a URL for a picture.
Here is one of the presentations I loaded, relevant to recent discussions about the catalog. I gave it at an ALCTS pre-meeting at ALA in Seattle recently. It draws on an Ariadne article, The library catalogue in the new discovery environment, some thoughts, from last year.

Incidentally, it is very kind of Karen and colleagues to list this as a framework, but I would hesitate to lean too heavily on what is something produced quickly for some presentations …..
Ooops – I did insert the date on the version I presented 😉
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