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Nick Carr has made a list of his favorite ‘album’ of each year since 1966. Some more detail:

Over at The Gaping Silence, Phil Edwards picks up the challenge of listing “a favorite album for every year of your life.” I’m definitely game for this game, though, like Phil and for precisely the same reason, I’m going to begin the list a few years after the year I was born. There are two restrictions: only one album per year (painful!) and no repeats of artists. [Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: Albums going steady]

Born in 1959, his list begins in 1966.
His choice for 2008 is Evil urges by My Morning Jacket.
As some of you will no doubt know, Evil Urges carries a song called ‘Librarian’ (about which I offer no opinion). I do observe that it includes these lines:

walk across the courtyard, towards the library.
I can hear the insects buzz and the leaves ‘neath my feet …

ramble up the stairwell, into the hall of books…
since we got the interweb these hardly get used.

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