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Lovereading is a site for readers …

Lovereading was founded for book lovers by book lovers in 2005.

These days, it is harder than ever to find the book you want to read next – particularly because of the sheer volume and choice of books you can find on the net. So at Lovereading, we only feature books we have read and believe are great reads in their category.

We have developed some unique online tools to help you choose your next read, including free 10-15 page Opening Extracts of every one of our Featured Books. And our readers particularly appreciate the regular magazines we send them recommending books they like might love to read in their categories of choice these are completely free and come with no commitment to buy.

Since we started Lovereading, we have added more and more books, ( we now have over 5,000 Opening Extracts) more and more unique features (you will love Author Like for Like) and more and more readers all of whom we would like to thank for their ongoing help and support. [lovereading – make the most of lovereading]

It is interesting to see the focus on the human touch here when so much is made of ranking, relating and recommending based on the aggregate trace of the crowd.
I have just returned from a trip. The emphasis of Lovereading seems to be on fiction, so I thought I would check for the three novels that accompanied me on the trip:

  1. I took C.J.Box’s Savage Run, based on a recommendation from somebody who had seen my previous note about Wyoming mysteries. OK, but I might not read another one, I thought.
  2. I bought Borderlands in Dublin airport, curious to read a contemporary crime novel set on both sides of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. I didn’t like the story but might read another one given the setting.
  3. I bought Open doors and three novellas by Leonardo Sciascia in the very fine London Review Bookshop in, er, London. I like the author and hadn’t seen this particular collection before.

So, armed with this test collection I approached
Savage Run was not listed, although there were two other books by Box. There were no ‘like for like’ recommendations for C J Box.
Borderlands was listed, and in a ‘like for like’ search on Brian McGilloway, Declan Hughes was returned. I have seen Declan Huges in bookshops but have not read anything by him, so I do not know how good the recommendation is. There is also a useful link to a Google search for reviews.
There were several books by Sciascia but not this one. There was no ‘like for like’ recommendation for Sciascia.
I wonder will they open the site up to reader input at some stage? And let the crowds in?

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