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I bought the following book in the congenial City Newstand in Cheyenne this afternoon. The back cover tells me that it was the Wyoming Historical Society Book of the year …
I like the ‘get it’, ‘save it’, ‘add to it’, and ‘share it’ features.
Because I am sitting at a machine in the public library in Cheyenne it provides a link through to Wyldcat, the Wyoming-wide system. And also to FirstSearch, to which the library has access. relates the IP address to the Laramie County Library System and presents the services that we know about (see the orange arrow).
Incidentally, the novel is published by Penguin, and I was drawn by what I took to be a deliberately retro cover (see previous remarks on Penguin covers).
Note: I will put in a better picture when I am re-united with my own work environment. Update: Mmmm… Of course, now that I am somewhere else if I do a new screenshot it will not show the Cheyenne location because I am not coming in from that particular IP address. I guess I will just leave it as is. Another example of how much of what we do is situational – dependent on some combination of locational attributes.
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