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As I have remarked a couple of times in these pages, conference agendas are often an interesting manifestation of current thinking. Presentations from the JISC/CNI conference are now appearing.
Topics of interest in this case include a mix of policy, practice and research: changing patterns of information use in research and learning, institutional repositories, open access, co-evolution of scholarship and digital practice, digital preservation and data curation, e-theses, resource discovery, and mass digitization.
Some that I revisited:

  • David Nicholas on researchers’ search behaviors [html]. Joan Lippincott on net generation learners [html].
  • And Powell on some technical directions for repositories [ppt], and Rachel Heery on a repositories roadmap [ppt].
  • Gail MacMillan has a nice snapshot of the state of play with electronic theses and dissertations in the US [ppt].
  • Data curation has emerged as a major issue in the last while as support for digital scholarship in the sciences becomes more pressing, and Chris Rusbridge has a useful overview of issues [ppt].
  • Les Carr gives an overview of the e-prints software and also talks about insititutional embedding at the University of Southampton [pdf].


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