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Lorcan 1 min read

Indiana University Bloomington Libraries has a nicely produced Annual Report on the web. We are growing used to seeing tag clouds used in various contexts. I was interested to see this page in the report …..
The report focuses emphasizes change, asking in its title “when does change become transformational?”.
I was interested in their note about their participation in the Google digitization program:

Indiana’s renowned Folklore and Ethnomusi-cology Collection, assembled over decades and valuable for its completeness, is also the first “collection of distinction” recognized by Google as a collection that will retain its coherence in the digital transition. [Indiana University Bloomington Libraries 2007-08 Annual Report]

I had not come across the suggestion that Google would be looking at maintaining whole collection integrity in this way before. It would be interesting to see a list of the collections that will be treated in this way.

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