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One of the recurrent themes of this blog has been the work done by libraries to put more of their services in the flow of their users’ working, learning and research behaviors.
In this context, I was pleased to see the work by my colleagues on implementing Worldcat searches in Twitter.
Mike Teets provides fuller details; this is just a pointer.
A tweet of the form:

@ask4stuff muldoon wills

returns a response like this:

@lorcanD We found something on muldoon wills in #Ask4Stuff, look here:

The result can be limited to a particular Worldcat Local by using a hashtag based on the institution name in that WC Local. Here is an example using Worldcat Local at Ohio State ( Note also the alternative syntax: both @ask4stuff and #ask4stuff will work.

#ask4stuff #osu muldoon wills

returns a response like this:

@lorcanD A handful of items for muldoon wills in #Ask4Stuff, at #osu, look them over at


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