Hot air ... thoughts from a blog bore

Lorcan 1 min read

I fear that I am becoming a blog bore!
At work, I find myself often wanting to say, and sometimes actually saying, “as I said in my blog entry the other day …”. Now, I am a bit self-conscious about this. If I don’t say anything, and somebody has read the blog entry, they may think that I am repeating myself as I enter my dotage. If I do say something, and they have not read the blog entry (surprisingly … not all my colleagues read the blog ;-), they may feel I am puffing myself up a little. What to do ….?
Now, seriously, it is not unreasonable to be in this position. A blog is a place to lodge ideas and once they have been externalized it is natural to want to refer to them. A blog entry can be easily referenced; it is a way of giving an idea a URL.
A blog is an addressable idea repository: AIR. Hot air, even …..
For a more worked out view, see this interesting post from my colleague Jeff Young.

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