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Hal Abelson on copyright and intellectual commons


The journal Transformations: liberal arts in a digital age has an interview with Hal Abelson of MIT on copyright and scholarship.

HA: A University is a complicated place, and there are lots of different kinds of interests there. So, you can’t apply one single uniform policy for everyone’s research production. Also, the libraries have no business prescribing such policies; they should be subservient to the faculty’s interests.[Interview: Hal Abelson, “Intellectual Property, Copyrights, and Universities” – Transformations]

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University Futures are shaping Library Futures

University Futures are shaping Library Futures

Libraries are not ends in themselves, but serve the interests of the organizations of which they are a part. As university emphasis varies around research, education and career poles, we can expect to see libraries evolve to support those emphases more strongly.
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