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Eduserv and Second Life

Lorcan 1 min read

And while talking about other lives, those interested in thinking more about Second Life in an educational setting can follow the discussion on the Eduserv Foundation blog (second life on eFoundations) where this is a particular interest. They held a dual-world symposium (rl-sl does not quite have the ring about it that ac-dc does) recently around the theme Virtual worlds, real learning? See the debriefing and follow blog commentary via Technorati.

Almost all the Powerpoint slides and all the streaming media from the symposium are now available, both thru the Eduserv Web site and in-world on Eduserv Island. [eFoundations: Symposium: streaming media]

Andy Powell (aka Art Fossett) has a short video briefly describing Eduserv, the Foundation and its Second Life activities. Watch out for the discussion of, ahem, slashups (i.e. second life mashups), and the description of the recent Eduserv Foundation grants to projects exploring educational uses of Second Life.

Another good radio voice 😉

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