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I mentioned the forthcoming report on data from Liz Lyon of UKOLN the other day. It has now appeared.

Liz Lyon

Dealing with Data: Roles, Rights, Responsibilities and Relationships – Consultancy Report

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Despite its UK focus, this report should make interesting reading more widely. It provides a useful overview of practice and policy across a variety of stakeholders: funders, nationally funded data centers, other policy bodies, local institutions. The environment is interesting given the range of national data centers, a situation which is not replicated everywhere else, and their relationship to research funding.
It is provides some discussion of general issues and it contains an interesting table which helpfully proposes a set of stakeholder roles and suggests associated rights, responsibilities and relationships.
Readers here may be interested in the following statement: “The polarisation of views regarding the role of institutional repositories for data was marked. ”
The report emphasizes service and policy fragmentation and notes outstanding technical issues. However, it also shows an environment which is organizationally well-developed enough to be able to have discussions between major players about better coordination in these areas.
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