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Chris Andersen of Wired and Long Tail fame on corporate blogs:

Simply put, we’re starting to trust what executives say less and what employees say more. And if given a choice, as is the case with companies that let their employees blog, we’ll take the word of an articulate engineer in the belly of the beast over the double-speak of a press release any day. As institutional credibility declines (from Enron to the White House), individual credibility is taking its place. [The Long Tail]

Although I subscribe to a large number of feeds (a little self-aggrandRSSment there), I find that I gravitate regularly to a few only. And among those are some senior corporate blogs like Jonathan Schwartz at Sun, and several of the other CxO blogs listed by Jon Udell (scroll down the right-hand column). They are a minority though. But enough of this metablogging ….


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