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Access 2005 was a conference with a very individual flavor. The geeky concentration mixed with the more general made it a very fruitful experience. Presentations built on each other. A collegial attention to common solutions ran through the meeting. It made one feel good to be surrounded by so many people so keen to make library services vital and engaging. My colleagues who have attended in the past recommended the event to me; I will try to make sure that we always have somebody there in the future.
Colleagues from the University of Alberta were great hosts. I wonder do other libraries have as many bloggers:

Apologies if I have missed some!
The presentation I gave is now available on our presentations page (link direct to [ppt]).
An added bonus was that I picked up the latest John Brady novel, Islandbridge, at Audrey’s Books on Jasper Avenue. My local Borders (in which we spend a lot of time) does not carry any John Brady novels – a long tail sort of a thing … I now feel that I have to do a review of any book I read 😉

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