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Conference amplification creates tremor

Lorcan 1 min read

I have mentioned before the tremor an event can sometimes cause in your communications fabric, as it pops up among your Facebook friends, in your RSS aggregator, and so on. So with Open Repositories 2008. A note about amplifying activities from a description of the event …

One interesting innovation was using Crowdvine to create an online community of delgates, which proved very simple and effective. And of course there’s an Eprints repository of all the conference papers and proceedings. [da blog (ulcc digital archives blog) » Blog Archive » Open Repositories 2008 in Southampton]

Update: Sarah Shreeves left a comment which I thought it useful to copy in here:

And, of course, the use of hashtags for tracking tweets about the conference: This was a really fascinating way to follow reactions / thoughts during the conference.

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